Thursday, March 1, 2012

Most all of us, and surely our families, would "trust" these folks if they were our kids' college professors or our kids' mentors or our kids' employers, but seriously

they may be little more than a random selection of over-achieving, over-rewarded, workaholic ass-kisser pawns of a severely fractured and antiquated socioeconomic system.

That's pretty darn cynical, to be sure.  I can't see betting my bippy that they'll do ANY right thing(s) in their decisions about the country's health care, though... (I find comfort in the fact that some, and sometimes much, of my deep resignation and pessimism about the dismal state of our "union" is based on excessively high expectations for what humans at any "national" level can actually achieve in this day and age... Or whatever...

OMG, that's really fugging reassuring, isn't it now..)

Reminder: That timestamp on this post should actually be 2012-03-29 22:17, but I'm putting another one it for now (so that I can keep post for Judy Roitman's book up on top).

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